Wild Words

What do you care about and how do you want to express your passion?

Editing & Coaching

Learning to talk is vastly different from developing the ability to clearly communicate. As an educator, writer and certified mediator, I can guide you through various communication processes. Utilizing the inquiry process I clarify word selection, content and format, to make sure you are communicating the message you want to express.

What story in you is asking to be written?


What is the story in you that is asking to be written? The words, experience, message that is demanding your attention. My workshops are tailored, interactive, and often include crafts, to offer writers the opportunity to get out of their heads and into their bodies.

Explore a journey based on the action of breath, senses, thought and expression.


Stories connect us. Sharing our experiences breaks down perceived boundaries and allows us to see the divine in us and around us.

Let your words be wildly free to express your heart’s desire.

Victoria Rose

Breathe ~ Sensation ~ Thought ~ Expression

The process of communication, starting with the breath of life to the words chosen to express our feelings and thoughts, is often mis-directed. Whether a letter to a family member or a book, you might be struggling to find the right words. I will guide you through the process of identifying the purpose of your communication and how to express your heart’s desire.

About Me

A blank page is a gift. An opportunity to write your story, your intentions, your way. As an educator, writer, mediator, I can help you develop a stronger relationship with your words and stories.

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Social solidarity during this pandemic has shifted my work, along with most of the world. Instead of in-person gatherings I am available for coaching, editing and workshops online. Join me for upcoming writing workshops utilizing Google Meet.



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