Catalyst for Fascination and Fear

“Look at that! They made the same exact play!” My grandfather, as his health and mental ability failed, just couldn’t grasp instant replays. My father didn’t like digital timepieces, claiming people would lose the ability to tell time. Yesterday, without watching how much time I spent, I tried to learn how to use an eBook. As a young student I was surprised to learn (back in the day) there was resistance to the revolutionary printing press. Air conditioners, which made individual homes more comfortable, also meant neighbors didn’t sit outside on summer evenings talking to each other, silencing the neighborhood community.

Technological changes are catalyst for both fascination and fear. Fascination about new and improved ways to live exist side by side with fear that what we hold dear to our hearts will disappear. We become slaves to technology if we don’t know what is truly dear to our hearts.

Gadgets give us information. I am still trying to learn to use a GPS while hiking. I can rely on the ability to have numerous facts while out in the woods, but not absolute certainty that I can relate to and then respond to the information provided. I watch people walk side by side intent on a communication device held in their hands. Does the technology provide more physical warmth than the human hand? There are people who seem to believe a relationship only exists if it is proclaimed on facebook. There are other people who do not trust facebook profiles since they are easy to create a false identity. Reality becomes distorted, easily manipulated, disintegrating into a façade.

Maybe the trust in technology begins with the first lie told about us. The first time we dissociate from our truth. The first time we lose the ability, courage, dignity, to take care of ourselves with love. When fear dominates love. In that moment, when we hide, shrink, decide to please someone else rather than honor our heart, to believe in love, we begin to trust in something that does not truly exist. Trusting in something that can control us rather than believe in our unique dream separates us from Spirit.

A GPS has the accuracy to give me direction to where I want to go. Unless I know where I want to go, the GPS will simply lead me to an empty space rather than my heart’s desire.

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