Looking up not giving up

Who looked and noticed the moon rising? Before the sunset, blue sky, green mountains, and a large, almost full moon. Breathtakingly beautiful. Unattached, visually. Connected by invisible energy. It was necessary to be out in the elements, exposed to nature, to see circle rising, climbing. No strings attached, no cord to plug in, no batteries to initiate power.  Just be outside, looking up.

While the moon was setting in a foreign place, a community gathered to celebrate the end of summer camp. Swimming, games, crafts, diminishing with the daylight. The moon had not yet touched the horizon.

Inside the large gym, I tried to listen to the words, music blaring, lyrics I am unfamiliar with. Wanting to know the message and aware of the invisible connection between actions and words. Young girls, accentuating hips, chest, butt. Young boys, thrusting in a way that might have caused Elvis to blush.

One group, before the music, dance and body gyrations, performed a graduation ceremony. With homemade caps, receiving diplomas, cheering crowd, they stepped one foot closer to academic achievement. Colors, dance, costumes, exquisite hairstyles, celebrating their bodies, spirit and movement. Unique in combining movement and academics.

The term the missionaries used to recognize conversion was “They gave up the dance.”

The moon had begun to rise while the dances were performed. In school the young dancers will learn about the distance of the moon to the earth. The story of the space race. The explanation of the tides. They will not be asked on any standardized test “Why is dancing essential to the human spirit?” or “How does dance unite you with the spirit of your soul?”

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