Presently Present

Sitting in the car, holding flowers, purse, and miscellaneous items, I struggled to close the door. The question “Can I help” removed the obstacles literally on my lap.

This is the season when people run around, often on the verge of insanity, to get the perfect gift, to create the perfect moment. The frenzy results in stressful situations much worse than having some beside you asking gently if you need help. The comical situation reminded me of so many times I tried to do more than was physically possible. Then, with sadness, I thought of the times I was not aware or, or receptive, to the gifts offered to me. Gifts definitely come in different packages, ribbons, boxes, maybe to decorate, other times to hide, the contents. Then, there are those plastic Fort Knox type packages that require serious cutting to get to the actual item. We know, in our hearts, what we really want to give. Yet exposing the package of honest vulnerability, well, it’s easier to buy the scarf, oh, and then the hat, why not splurge a little more and buy the gloves you’d love for yourself but can’t afford, don’t feel you deserve, wouldn’t have any place to wear.

I’m going to try something the next time I buy someone a present. I’m going to imagine them asking “What do you really want from me?” As part of my planning for a gathering I will breath in the love, compassion and forgiveness for all as I attempt to unravel the packaging that hides my heart. Maybe, just maybe, I will recognize and accept the gifts surrounding me.

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