Magical Fascination

Once upon a time a young girl would move the figures in the crèche, listening to the cold desert wind, talking to the animals, feeling the anticipation of a magical birth. The story of the birth, life and death, handed down generations after generations, held a . The promise of unconditional love drew this young girl into the mystery of the story.
Life, as we all have experienced, plays out in unexpected ways. So many distractions pull us from the promise of transformation. Just looking into the clear night sky reminds me of how infinitesimally small we are.
The young girl playing with the crèche had not yet become aware of the mystery and wonder of each magical moment. It took years for her to follow her star, listening instead to the cloak of routine disguised as tradition. In time, she realized that not only boxes were wrapped and hidden.
The young girl learned that to be accepted she needed to silence her heart’s desire. Her fear of being alone drove her to care for others at the expense of caring for herself. Eventually, she realized how lonely she was for the young girl who listened, talked and felt the spirit within her. The company of a thousand people paled in comparison to the whisper of the promise of her story.
She was not alone in her experiences and on a daily basis witnessed random acts of fear. She imagined disbelief cloaking the radiant stories hidden, wrapped and waiting to be revealed. As she began to liberate her own hidden star she had the courage to acknowledge the dignity and beauty all around her, and within her. She again moved the figures in the crèche, listened to the cold desert wind, talked to the animals, and in every way possible, expressed gratitude for transformation.


  1. What a beautiful way to describe the inner feelings some people hide, relating it to the spiritual part of the Christmas season….. A few lines from a poem remind me of this:
    when that mountain seems so high cause the valleys not in sight, when sadness comes in measures cause your only goal is pleasure, If you’d opened all your windows from the start, you’d unlock all the treasures in your heart….(to be finished one day)……Have A Great Holiday Season !!


  2. Christmas, a tradition, a story, a birth of a savior, in March or December? That moment in time lead a pathway to this moment in time. Solitude of this Christmas day affords a cherished moment in time to reflect and respond the thoughts of tomorrows pathway selection.
    Life continually presents us opportunities via multiple pathways. We
    can remain stagnant, or seek continual knowledge and experience the
    new. There is risk and fear in unfamiliar territory, yet the rewards
    can provide joy beyond expectation. Do I travel alone or as a couple? Does that alter the pathway? Does each person in a couple on the same pathway experience something different?
    Every moment in time affords an opportunity for learning,
    provided we are receptive to open pathways. Each day provides an
    opportunity to love ourselves and to love one another.
    External distractions and negative comments can discourage the desire to seek
    new experiences. Acknowledgement and affirmation provide positive
    feedback yet regardless of the type of feedback the internal light of our soul remains a powerful motivator.
    Excessive expectation or discouragement from those we respect or
    value can create fear and stop progression. Some individuals have
    maintained internal optimism and attitude in the face of horrid
    environmental factors. They “believe” in themselves and that belief
    enabled their success.
    Regardless of age, the pathway selection may be intentional yet
    the ultimate destination can yield amazing and unpredicted experiences
    and ultimately leads to continued pathway selections, perpetual, as long as we
    desire to experience life.
    Do we die inside when we stop pathway selection? Does complacency
    with a routine mean the journey has ended? Is there security in this
    The past can leave memories of joy and pain. The scars of the past
    can create fear for the future. The clouds in the night sky eventually
    clear revealing the beauty of the stars in the night sky as the owls
    sing to each other.
    There is fear in being alone, there is fear in rejection, there is
    fear in not being loved and accepted. There is joy in the loving
    spirit of adventure and the promise of s new tomorrow. Although I may
    be alone this evening, I anticipate the hope of a pathway tomorrow.
    The pathways remain available as long as the heart beats to the joy of
    optimism and promise.


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