Soft Comfort

Soft comfort surrounds the earth twice a day. A gift of deep stillness envelops us inviting us to welcome love. Day rises to greet us and night encourages us to reflect on our actions, while a silence even the birds respect is offered for the journey.

As the dark of night yields to the vibrant colors of sunrise even my breath is momentarily stilled with abundant awe. I am responsible for bringing joy, dignity, compassion, forgiveness and humor to yet another sacred day. As the rays of light begin to awaken the earth I have the choice of continuing in darkness, to hide behind curtains of denial. Instead, I ask the promise of the day to warm my heart like the melting frost as I again risk failure and grief.

When evening shadows disappear with the day’s responsibilities I can try to find others to blame for my actions or I can believe in the courage of the darkness to reflect on my intentions. The colors of the sky remind me there will be opportunities to share wisdom rather than blame. As the stars fill the sky I give thanks to all my teachers. To those who have hurt me, for showing me the importance of safety. To those who have left me, for the gift of independence. To those who look down on me for not being, doing or having what they believe I need, for the spirit to live my truth. For those who appreciate me even when I am lost, I am grateful for their unquestionable trust. My teachers are the comforting silence surrounding me on this sacred journey.


  1. “…courage of the darkness” what a beautiful way of looking at the dark of night. It will change the way of thinking. Thank you!

    1. Thanks. I find so much can be revealed in the dark. I have to let go of assumptions because nothing is visible. It does take courage to believe in what is possible!

  2. …to be still is to do more than just smell the roses, it is to become the experience that is the rose and all it offers…

    Thank you Victoria for keeping the written word alive with your insight and passion, perhaps this adds to your resume of all the things you are,,,, daughter, mom, student and now teacher…

    1. Thanks for the vision to experience life rather than just let it flash by. The best I can do each day is to say thank you for each precious moment.

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