I was delightful surprised last week when I received recognition for my blog. My goal has been to write once a week, with the hope that my writing will be a catalyst for conversation. As part of the desire for dialogue I have also wanted to read more blogs. So, with the honor or passing on the recognition extended to me, I began a search for blogs I enjoy yet also have the ability to make me uncomfortable in a way that transforms my way of thinking and feeling. As much as I love to read and connect with others, the last thing I want to do is to look at a computer screen (well, shopping is near last, attending a ceremony that lacks significance and inclusion is definitely last).

Searching increased my awareness of words associated with meanings and messages. Just deciding on a word to search increased my awareness of what I easily associate with. I am also trying to experiment with various creative projects and I looked for blogs with creative expression. For now, here are some blogs that I connected with and look for to conversations.


These Trees


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