Boxed Books

I have the most trouble letting books go. It’s as if having them near me, in my possession, will be enough for me to absorb their meaning and message. The book of quotes my parents gave me when I was in high school continues to move with me from place to place and has been read numerous times over the years. It is probably my oldest possession. Now, the question of packing it or not rests on more than whether I will read the book, but whether physically hauling the weight of paper will give me access to the information when I need it.

As I pack, I look at each book, promising myself, and the messages, that I will read the words on the pages. The books I have read are like good friends, trusted and reliable to offer what I need at the time I need what they contain. There are books that I haven’t read, that continue to peak my interest, draw me to them, even though I have not completely connected with their message. Now, they are beginning to fill boxes, and their physical weight becomes a moving burden.

There are options now, providing lightness both visually and physically. Technology enables me to let go of the touch and feel of a book while having limitless electronic access to information. I’m not restricted to one or the other, but both what I have in my presence and all that is available at my fingertips.

I realize, with a smile and deep awareness, the process is very similar to letting go of remarks directed at me, physical gestures intended for me and dreams I have not yet pursued. All I need to do is trust that with limitless connection with Spirit and breath I have at my heartbeat all the information I need.

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