There’s a physical purge from a long hike. Sweating out toxins along with necessary nutrients leaves me feeling light. Walking off the trail with the water and food consumed means more than using all I packed. The smoked Gouda and apple sustains my body with the agreement that I experience the wonders surrounding me. There are variations of the agreement. Fasting, feasting, stillness, endurance challenges, the possibilities are as difficult to count as the number of jellybeans in a jar.

Why take the glass that’s half empty, drink it, then fill it half full again?

Why let go of what you need, only to replenish again and again?

Each action is a choice. Just as we eat several meals a day because one will not sustain our bodies, expressing love only once a day will not sustain our hearts. Limiting love based on conditions, is like agreeing to only experience half the day, half of the people you encounter, half of the wonders awaiting you.

Catholic Dis-obedience

Peace Pilgrim

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