I was asked eight years ago if I realized how beautiful I was.

My only response was tearful eyes.

I was asked six years ago again, in a different voice.

My response was anger, as I remembered alternate questions:

 Who do you think you are?

What makes you think you’re special?

Four years ago my voice cried out:

             “If you compliment my appearance more than six times without

acknowledging my abilities

I’ll consider the physical comment fighting words.”

I am not asked the same question now. Finally, I can respond with honesty.

Can you see the beauty in you??

I simply reflect the beauty of your soul.

With Gratitude ~ Own it!! Flaunt it!! Let your beauty Radiate!!


  1. Victoria, your beauty is in your heart, your compassion and your understanding. I’m sure that will never fade, ever; it is reflected in the company you keep, the family you have and the world around you… beam on, let your radiant beauty glow and grow on all you meet and touch.


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