Constructed Value

A little over a year ago I crossed a threshold. The people surrounding me were both close to my heart and anonymously shared their heart with me. The threshold is one I continue to cross, never alone, always with a grateful heart.

The physical threshold is my Habitat home. The emotional threshold, expressed with hammers, nails, lights, roof, constructed with smiles and generosity, surrounds me with the belief that I am valued. I know there are people who earn more each year from investments given to them than I make a year working at strengthening relationships. I know there are people whose car payments are more than my mortgage. I know there are people walking the streets looking for shelter. I know there are children who are starving while struggling to thrive. I am aware of, yet will never truly understand, the gap between what is valued and needed.

 As I cross my threshold everyday, I give thanks.

For the smile when I lost hope

For the comfort when all I could see was hurt.

For the belief in the promise of my smile.

For the unending message that I am never alone.

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