On my early morning walk, when I reach the traffic light, I have the choice of pressing the button to cross. It’s the same decision I have later in the day, when the road is filled with cars moving from place to place.
Early in the morning, when the quiet is loud, when the color of the sky is emerging, the traffic light stands out more as an intrusion. Later in the day, when movement is based on work, appointments, schedules, the beauty of the sunrise is overpowered. As people drive, talk on their cell phone, grab a bite to eat, the traffic light becomes essential to the pace of life.
There is a freedom in the morning, before the demands of the day fill my head. There is no need to push a button to stop traffic, to change the pace of my stride. Later in the day, when I become too busy to remember compassion, forgiveness, joy, I reach for the button in my heart to slow the intrusions in my mind.

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