Value List


I know, if I wrote a list, completed the task, I would have that satisfying sense of achievement as I crossed it off the list. It’s not that I don’t value lists, I seem to have an aversion to using them on a regular basis.

I look at the blank paper with words in my head waiting to be written. Vegetable starter plants, mangoes, hardware to repair porch. I am certain if I don’t write the items down they will be forgotten the minute I walk out the door of my home. So, what is my aversion to making my life easier?

I wrote the items on the paper, creating a list. Then realized I wanted to include the purpose of the list:

make eye contact with the cashier and compliment her/him
buy an extra starter plant for my neighbor who has talked about having a garden
leave a few minutes early to drive down the street with the lilacs in bloom
when selecting produce, take a few extra moments to thank the farm workers and pray they are safe and valued

I move through the day, sometimes relying on lists, sometimes avoiding directions. One item I want written on my heart, is ‘we are all connected’. Whether my list includes cabbage, miso, peppers, saffron or collards, we are connected. To be connected is a value staple that I always want on my to do list.

One thought on “Value List

  1. The longing to belong, to feel connected, from Baghdad to Barcelona that’s all everyone is having around their neck hanging as an invisible sign..

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