Returning to Nature

The words in the printed book explain about the tides. The moon, sun, depth of the water, how narrow channels influence the distance of the tides. Sitting near the moving water I hear the comment, “The temperature is either too warm or too cold. It’s never just right.” I hear and question. What is just right? Is it our determination, our judgment? Or, is it simply right to know that everything we see, hear, feel is just as it is meant to be, and that is just right?

Water returning home

I look at a picture of a major metropolitan city. Heating, air conditioning, public transportation, so much effort to make the conditions just right. Innovation is revered, desired and valued and the new ideas are discussed with excitement. I also remember talking to a Brazilian who had recently moved to the city that never sleeps. He didn’t hesitate, quickly responding “Here, you can’t pray. There’s a cloud over the city and prayers can’t reach the stars. In Brazil, your prayers are heard.”


People move like the tides. Expanding into the country, retreating to the city. Connecting with the trees, animals, and stars, finding their way back to community, structures, and the future. When is our connection with nature just right?

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