Bending Memories



I am tempted to take my camera out of my backpack. Each scene unfolding before me is more stunning than the previous image. I hesitate, wanting to be present, to absorb the beauty surrounding me. At the same time, I want to capture the magic of nature. Two forces, existing together – being present in the moment and wanting to remember. 




I know from experience, my memories are not always accurate. The past has a tendency to bend, fold and sometimes mutilate. 


I notice the running water, the shape of the trees, the katydid with the incredibly long antenna and I feel the urge to hold that memory forever. I am also aware that by the time I take out my camera the scene before me will change, alter, constantly moving towards the next destination. 


My desire for a sense of permanence is strong. I take out my camera, stand still, and look for angles, shapes, and beauty. I look for details, enduring qualities, raw yet temporary wonder. Each image changes me, reminding me of the force of change.


In this moment, standing still, witnessing, capturing the wildness of nature, I am aware that memories of me will be as distilled as the light filtering through the trees. I wonder, will I remember who I am, as life quickly flows by?

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