End-less Curiosity

I crave the grit and dryness. The smell of saltwater and the tightness of my skin after swimming in the ocean. When I was younger, much younger, I assumed everyone knew the ocean, swam in the saltwater, felt the waves. Learning that not everyone experienced the sand, blue horizon and moods of the tides, I was bewildered. Didn’t everyone have the same experiences? I could not imagine life without my feet regularly sinking into the sand with the movement of the ocean.

Being curious, I began to question life different from mine. If others never knew the ocean, what did they experience that was not familiar to me? What existed in this vast world that I didn’t know I wanted, yet? My curiosity is endless and every day, especially in this age of unlimited information, there is a growing list of knowledge I don’t know. Every day, I seem to know less and want to know more.

I feel the salt, smell the cleansing ocean, sink my feet into the sand and know, deeply, all I truly want is this precious moment.


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