Popular Meaning

Again, the words are repeated. The parrot is content to say the same thing over and over again. I am sure the bird doesn’t understand the meaning of the words. The sound is familiar and repeated. I wonder, is it comforting to use the same words and sounds over and over again?

Words, such as ‘mondegreen’ and ‘bafflegab’ have experienced both increased and decreased popularity over time. As the bird again repeats the same words I remind myself to notice overused words. Then, I wonder, what word(s) would I like to hear often, regularly, yet with meaning?

‘There’s no place like home’ is a common phrase and brings memories of red shoes and a dog named Toto even though it is from an 80-year-old movie. Merriam-Webster has officially added ‘bingeable’ and ‘hangry’ to its thousands of entries, one indication of how language evolves.

What word would I like to hear every day, often, repeated, with meaning? What word would I enjoy saying every day, inviting a deepening of the sound and meaning? The vibration and history of the words ‘amen’ ‘namaste’ and ‘aho’ have the ability to evoke a variety of feelings and comfort. Searching deeper, I consider a list of words and phrases that bring me joy, comfort, or inspiration. A smile forms on my face as the words surface and I know, unconditionally, what I want to hear each day.

‘What do you want?’

My body is refreshed when I recognize the words I want to say every day.

‘Yes, I can’

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