“Do you get tired of going on the same walk every day?” 

I replied “Do you get tired of your friends that you see every day? Although I do not take the same walk every day I regularly choose a familiar route. It’s an opportunity to notice the subtle changes. Every encounter offers a variety with a mix of nonconformity. One day I notice a new plant has sprung up. Another day I recognize erosion from recent rains. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by a new critter that has found its way into my usual terrain. No, I do not get tired of the same walk every day. Just like I do not get tired of my friends every day. Some days they are facing new struggles and other days new insights. Their laughter never tires and I never cease to learn from them. Being intimate with the same routine every day is like being with a recognizable friend, one who gives me comfort, who listens to my sadness, who reminds me of my dreams. I look forward to connecting with the familiar sacredness.”

“Does that mean you do not welcome changes?” 

I replied “I do my best to welcome change. Well, most of the time. Every day there are slight changes and there are ginormous changes, ranging from joy to sorrow. The reason I have the capability to welcome change is that every day I recognize the simple, small changes in the ordinary. From my friend’s laughter to the destruction of a forest, the changes can be taken in stride. It’s not easy to walk a familiar path every day. One step at a time I walk purposefully, appreciating the beauty revealed, and remember my dreams. Connecting with a familiar path every day reminds me I am not alone on this journey.”

2 thoughts on “Tired?

  1. Great post Victoria. I love the little routines of daily life that make life special. Thomas and I finally got out to Douglas falls a few weeks ago. It was gorgeous. What a beautiful place we live! Sounds like you’re enjoying semi-retirement. 🤗

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