Fitting Connection

It fits well, particularly the purpose and ease of using it. Although if I saw this in the store I would most likely pass it by. I’m sure I would look at it, admire the color and flair, but then decide it was not my typical style. This hair barrette has been used occasionally the past several years. Recently it has become essential because I can successfully put my hair up. Due to my broken wrist, it is crucial that the items I use are workable. The simplicity is also due to the beauty of the gift. This barrette was handed down to me from a friend.  It was not discarded, it was not unwanted, it was given freely, no strings attached, just an invitation to have a reason to continue to use it.  It’s not that I hold on to everything that comes my way or is offered to me. It would be hard to get into my house if  I accepted everything. There is a choice. As I wear this red flared hair barrette, I am reminded of the ease of life when I’m connected with friends. People who support my purpose, encourage me to add some flair to my life, and who are ready to help me heal.

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