Snow’s Cove Nature Preserve, Sedgwick, Maine

It’s the decreased production of chlorophyll that allows the reds and yellows in the leaves to become visible. The non-green colors exist all summer but are hidden by the predominance of chlorophyll. Walking among the trees, I know. It’s the deepest sense of knowing abundance, connection, and wonder. It’s a knowledge I have always known but the ability to recognize or verbalize has been hidden for generations. I know that all beings are alive. I don’t know the history of the stones, old-growth trees, or the origin of the rivers. I don’t have the same language as the birds and the squirrels I encounter along the trail. The domination of a belief in materialism over intuition has hidden my ability to connect with all beings, at times even the ability to connect with myself. In a culture where life is reduced to a dollar value, understanding others becomes meaningless. Walking among the trees I know, deeply, the desire to regain In-Too-Wish-In, to communicate with all beings.

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