MLK, Jr. Views on Economics and Self Sufficiency

I’ve been in a quiet mode recently. The introvert in me has been extremely satisfied with staying home and spending time alone. Yet today, a day honoring a person with dedication, conviction, and courage, I am reminded of the communities I have been privileged to be engaged with, joined by a common interest or purpose. Even though I am spending more time alone these days, I continue to do my best to make choices based on respect and equality. Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr, for your words, actions, and life.

It’s been a few years since I wrote the following article. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, message will continue to be true and worthy of sharing for generations.

By Victoria RoseThe dream of racial equality Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about received resistance, but not nearly as much negativity as when he spoke about the need for economic justice. Martin Luther King, Jr. had the strength, conviction, and courage to speak out about the core of what he came t

Source: MLK, Jr. Views on Economics and Self Sufficiency

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