Celebrate World Poetry Day

Last night, several times last night, my breath was taken away. It was the first day of spring, sunny, with a promise of sun-drenching warmth. It was a delightful evening, of words evoking imagination and wonder. The sound of imagination and wonder took my breath away. Messages of courage, joy, memory, and vision, nourished my soul. As I listened with my whole body, mind, and spirit to Ada Limón I melted into the world of writing, of expression, of life. I thought about the first group of young writers I guided. At the end of our workshop series, I asked them to consider the purpose of their writing. As Ada Limón guided listeners through emotional journeys of friendship, love, grief, and promise, I was reminded of why I write. I write to feel alive, to discover my own truth, and to remember, recognize, and respect love.

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  1. I love your words, Victoria!

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