Sweeping into the Unknown

I noticed the crack while walking.

There, along the river, a crack in the earth,

a cut,

a section separating,

ready to be swept into the water.

Earth, water, air, sky, the elements merging.

The crack appeared after a heavy rain.

Flooding, excess, overabundance,

resulting in a drastic change of form.

Transitions are like that.

Forceful at times,


with the ability to feel the earth shift.

I go about my day, putting one foot in front of the other,

assuming the earth will be there for my feet

to connect and then push away.

One footstep after another,


until the earth moves,

until I notice the shift,

the crack,

the cut.

Or maybe, the cut prevents my foot from moving,


or pushing away.

Noticing the assumption is not real,

is not solid,

and there is no place for my foot to connect.

It is then, finally,




the transition happens.

When both feet stop,

hold their ground,



notice even more deeply,

wait with wonder and anticipation,


and step in a new direction,

sweeping into the unknown.