Zero Tolerance


I do so declare, JMJ. Written, and signed after a test. I do so declare, to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I did not cheat on the test. Written and signed, years ago, in elementary school. It meant honesty, reputation, with a zero tolerance accountability.
Today, I do so declare to my body, mind and spirit, to be true to me. True, to Spirit, the source of joy, wonder, forgiveness and sacredness of my being.

If you want to blame me for every red light that gets in your way ~ I do so declare zero tolerance.
If you expect me be responsible for your social aspirations ~ I do so declare zero tolerance.
If you charge exorbitant prices and expect me to be loyal to your extravagance ~ I do so declare zero tolerance.
If you expect me to look like Barbie, work like Rosie the Riveter and appear in the bedroom like a lingerie commercial ~ I do so declare zero tolerance.
If you expect me to believe in the commercially spouted news ~ I do so declare zero tolerance.

After all, life, whether you consider it one long test, an adventure, or opportunity, the promises we make to ourselves, for ourselves, are the promises we are held accountable for.


Frozen Moment

I choose to not take pictures sometimes. I prefer the memory to be intimate and not permanently public. Freezing the moment, creating the illusion that the image is forever distorts the flow of reality.

The child giggling and dancing in circles years later distant from the playful joy.

To feel the joy I search for playgrounds to be physically present with youthful laughter.

 The cherry tree with the perfect sitting perch cut down because it was too messy.

My walking path changes with the season, searching out the cherry tree in early spring, then the magnolias, and even later in the year the yellow and then red leaves of fall.

The lovers embraced by the mist of the waterfall before the distortions and broken promises wash away their connection.

Refreshed by clarity and an image with the ability to change I walk away alone yet full of the laughter, joy and beauty of every season knowing the memory of this moment awaits my presence.