Proudly Responsible

The youth before me was physically stronger than most men I knew. There was no fear between us, but there was fear present. He stood before me more as a young man, yet lacking the ability to reason and control his actions.

“What could you have said or done in the situation, to say what you needed to say in a way that you could be heard?” I realized this question was difficult for him to comprehend. Not due to the language, but to the choices. There was only one option in his mind, fight to win.

He probably had assumptions about me which limited his awareness to believe that I cared, really cared. I wanted him to know his voice has value, significance, and deserves to be heard. I wanted him to be proudly responsible for his actions. Instead I heard blaming, victimizing language.

This young person eats breaths and walks in a country that argues over copyright laws, banned books, evolution vs. creation. Money, resources, laws, are available to protect ownership of intellectual property. This same country is also unaware of the individual voices silenced.