I was asked eight years ago if I realized how beautiful I was.

My only response was tearful eyes.

I was asked six years ago again, in a different voice.

My response was anger, as I remembered alternate questions:

 Who do you think you are?

What makes you think you’re special?

Four years ago my voice cried out:

             “If you compliment my appearance more than six times without

acknowledging my abilities

I’ll consider the physical comment fighting words.”

I am not asked the same question now. Finally, I can respond with honesty.

Can you see the beauty in you??

I simply reflect the beauty of your soul.

With Gratitude ~ Own it!! Flaunt it!! Let your beauty Radiate!!

Genuine Reflection

As I wrapped the scarf around my neck the artist gasped and said “It was made for you”. Yet, even with such a genuine reflection I could feel my mind say ‘no’.

It’s a pattern I want to release.

In high school, the desire to break up with a volatile person clouded with limited awareness. He resorted to punching an oak tree, knuckles bleeding, claiming he wouldn’t stop until I agreed to be his girlfriend. I said yes to his control and no to my sacredness.

Today I talk with young girls, asking them if they know when to say ‘no’, and if they have the courage to say no, mean no and to be listened to when they say ‘no’. After all, it is the opposite of YES.

When I say no I do not whisper, suggest, or ask. Releasing the pattern of accepting volatility and control means I accept the joy of self-love and sacredness. I am comfortable compromising on the car I drive, the clothes I wear, the vacation I take. I will not compromise on my ability to say no when it means believing in love and rejecting fear.

I wrap the handmade scarf around my neck, knowing, without a doubt, we are all invited to radiate beauty.


Last night the moon felt so close, as though the round magical sphere invited me to touch its evening glow.

Proximity, physically and emotionally, can be distorted.

There have been times when ancestors I never met breathed a sign of relief by a choice and action I took. Their exhale formed the words “Yes, finally, she is the one”.

I have experienced times so dark, so hurtful, it was all I could do to trust that feeling the absence of someone’s love did not require me to stop loving.

I have learned to walk away from comments that both give and take in one breath. The opposing words are distortions that choke with fear.

The moon is so bright, full, exquisite, promising me if I can trust enough to feel the pain I will continue to radiate light strong enough to illuminate the night.