Lasting Impression

The carvings in a tree. The etching in rocks. Signs that someone was there. Someone who felt the need to leave a mark, to give a lasting impression, on a natural being. I lower my eyes, apologetically, for being part of a race that disrespects what nature offers.
When I enter the woods, oceans, mountains, I enter with silence. I want to hear and feel what the trees, wind, water, have to share with me. I am grateful for every step in wilderness I am allowed to take.
As a young person, I found refuge at the ocean. Sand between my toes, salt in my hair, was a welcome sign that I was were I needed to be. More recently, I am surrounded by mountains. The ridgelines, vistas, ravines, help me escape and remember the sacredness of life. I have been hiking in the mountains of Western North Carolina for eight years now. A few months ago, with snow still on the ground, I felt the mountains finally allow me to hear them. I lower my eyes, acknowledging that nature leaves no physical marks on me yet has the most profound impression.

Decades ~ And

Five decades, and more

To burn, release and recover the intended message

given in a way

to silence my voice

to teach not to ask



to learn not to be touched, comforted, embraced

Five decades, and more

to uncover the meaning


expressed harshly

Now, with the wisdom

of the trees


wispy clouds

to know

my voice

my desire

to know

I can touch you

even if

I have never






even if

I have never walked in your

village, town, threshold or

slept under your roof

even if

I do not look into your eyes

enjoy hearing your voice

agree with your desire


with the strength of the vibration

of feet dancing

complimenting the rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat

I know

I can touch you

be aware of your warmth

comfort your fears

without allowing


my truth

to be penetrated

with your fear