Before the sun rose, we met each other on the street. She, maybe at the age of 3, standing at the bus stop with a woman. She had on a warm coat, had a smile on her face, and a rose in her hand. Not knowing them I paused, just a bit, before speaking.
“What a beautiful rose”. I said, looking first at the woman and then the child.
The child held up the wilted flower.
“Are you going to give that to your teacher?” I asked
“No, I’m going to give it to you” she replied, with every ounce of her being brought to attention.
Her smile was radiant.
Her intentions clear.
She did not hesitate because
it was dark
she didn’t know me
my skin is a different color
I am older
or that I didn’t have something to give her in return.
Before the sun rose
in one short moment
this young girl and I shared a radiant connection.




Life lines



Baby fingers

Skin on skin

Fingers wrapped around fingers

In a circle surrounding the table of food

Hands together continuously

Life lines touching

No one person is required to give a blessing

The blessing is in each line

On, in and under the skin

Formed in the calluses

Promised in the baby fingers

Blessings surround the gathering

Because of the gathering

Consecrated by hands touching hands in a circle