Without and Within

As a child I learned the meaning of words and how to use them in a sentence. As a teenager, I discovered identities could be made or destroyed depending on the descriptive words chosen. As an adult I witnessed how words can create peace or start a war, welcome a baby or condemn a person to death. Words are extensions of our breath, intentions and actions. I believe Literary Art can help develop our connection with words, increase our awareness of the beauty without and within us.

As a child, the ritual of

            making the sign of the cross

                         repeating prayers that I had no connection or meaning to

                                      and being forced to follow requirements

like wearing a hat when

                                                    inside a structure that was designated as holy

were just some of the rules which disconnected me from the

beauty within and without.

My breath does not allow me to disconnect from the beauty of truth. At times my breath is momentarily taken away by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Sometimes my breath resorts to short, quick pulses preparing for a new experience.

Each day is a mysterious gift filled with opportunities to express joy, gratitude and peace. There are also options to cause pain, harm the environment, and disconnect. Just as there are numerous decisions each day, there are infinite ways to help us remain on a spiritual path.

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