The Beast Within

A stuffed toy or a feathered bird. The difference is minimal to the nature of the beast. Chase, attack, conquer. It is simply what a cat will do.

The words are said, describing the harm. The response is defensive, attacking. The angry reciprocation is unchecked and discharged.

The cat crouches next to the window, ready to pounce yet aware of the physical barrier. The instructions are clear, don’t let the cat out, he will kill the birds.

I hear the words, the angry rejection of a different point of view. Battle lines of truth and anger are delineated. I notice the character spewing the words become narrow and limited. I lose sight of the humor and playfulness. All I witness is rage. The person I know has disappeared into the abyss of anger. I wish for clear instructions, keep away from judgment or individual will self-destruct. The individual is unable to distinguish between a different point of view and their personal perception of truth. Physically, I notice the veins expanding, face turning red, fists clenched, body ready to attack.

Muscles strong, eyes soft, standing firm. I reflect the anger, rage, and intolerance. The choice is defined; anger or accountability.


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