Perfect Offering

The circle is turned, adjusted, and clicks the moment into forever. One subject is the focus with the intent to freeze time. The question crossing through my mind is not captured. “What do I want others to see in me?” It’s not my wrinkles, or the shirt I grabbed this morning, that I try to hide.

As the lens is turned, notice, play with, my heart that simply wants to connect with the love that has created your sacred being. Shine the light in my eyes to allow the radiant joy of gratitude reach the depths of every being. Give permission for my hair to move in this frame, reminding viewers of the freedom of choice and the abundant strands of opportunity. Do not crop my hands that have held the emotions of others without judgment. Include my knees which have bent in prayer to care for a child, to nurture a garden, to pick up a treasure left by the sea.

I will only have this moment to express all the wonder, hurt, grace, faith and experiences of my life. Focus, adjust, but before you shoot this second into forever transmit the abundant gratitude for all that has created this perfect offering.


  1. I really like this, especially since I am into photography, and it is true in which you strive to capture that perfect moment resulting in a more rewarding finished photo, or captured moment of time. But the key is in the wisdom, patience and soul of the subject as well as the timing of the captured moment, the lighting, angle, background, etc… Although it is impossible to capture everything within you that you would want others to see, it is comforting to know at that moment the photo is taken, that you are in fact frozen in that measure of time, and there is no dire rush to tell your “story” to the world, but only that one “moment” you have offered to share.


    1. Thanks! I agree. Often, there is no reason to have to tell the world the entire ‘story’. We all have very similar stories – just the time/place/characters are different. It’s our similarity that connects us so perfectly.


  2. The audible click from previous cameras was a result of a properly functioning internal working mechanism. The “click” indicated success. An optional replicated click notifies the photographer of today that the captured moment in time has been secured into a digital format. Options now exist to drastically modify that preserved moment in time into something unrecognizable. The moment now becomes a façade. Do we seek to capture authenticity or imaginary moments?
    Retained split second images from past moments of time can stimulate a variety of unique memories and therefore trigger different receptors within each recipient. Gratitude, joy, love, amazement, beauty, appreciation, respect? Or Sadness, grief, horror, fear? The truth is not always what we might hope for, behavior of “civilized” beings and groups are sometimes unpredictable. Some individuals are unaware their moment in time is being captured by another, yet each moment provides the ability to tell a story and may be subject to various interpretations.
    Our eyes may focus on a particular or spectacular view, and although the shutter of eye lids may open and close there is no click. The received image remains as long as ones focus will allow, yet with sustained closure of the shutter, and the image is vanished. Will that moment be retained?
    The internal click of a calcified heart valve is an indication of improper function, yet can be diminished with a tissue replacement. The heart beats with improved silence and with greater efficiency. The audible click is again replaced by modern technology…… and for this moment in time, is an indication of success. This unexpected and perfect gift of continued life among friends is beyond expression. Silence of the click is replaced by audible appreciation and gratitude.
    Abundant gratitude I express to God and to the prayers received from many, that now enables continued opportunities to preserve split second images of, camping, time at the beach, hike in the woods, viewing waterfalls, how the wind fills a sail, the beauty of flowers on a hill, friends dancing, musicians playing, children being children, and the joy and privilege of this amazing life. On my knees, I pray for others in need, and the cycle continues.


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