Unattractively Amusing

I see it, immediately have a desire, yet I quickly step away. The lawn ornament is beyond tacky, yet somehow endearing. A figure you love to hate. Maybe its purpose is to be a novelty, a shock. Unattractively amusing, I feel the conflict of want and rejection. My voice begins to say “I have to have that” my head justifies full denial. The feeling of attraction fades away as I notice the sound of the swing on the playground, the fragrance of garlic sauteing, and see the flowers blooming on the cherry tree.

Even the meal yet to be eaten is temporary. The cherries from last year’s harvest just a memory. Understanding impermanence can be a gift. Especially when I witness . . .

The student leaving school not knowing what possessions his mother sold to support her drug addiction.

The aroma of a comfort meal shared with a family grieving the loss of a child.

“You win” seething with resentment from an employer as the employee chooses to leave an abusive relationship.

Every moment passes, quickly, allowing me to notice the warmth of the sun, the smile of a gracious server, the delicacy of the first cherry of the season. Then I know, truly appreciate, I have all I need, want or desire in this fleeting precious moment.

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