Routinely Noticing

It’s a short path from my front door to the compost pile. I’ve been walking these few steps for seven years. Every few years the compost will be moved or given a new structure. Most days I need to take my food scraps and follow the familiar path and add the scraps to the decomposing pile. Down the front steps, then right, passing the knock-out rose bush, the peony, and oriental irises. 

Seven years has brought a few changes in my garden. I’ve moved the comfrey to the side of the house. I’ve tried to grow rosemary in different locations in my ongoing attempt to successfully overwinter the herb. Some years I am able to tend to the yard more than other years. Currently, I’ve been able to reconnect with my garden. Noticing the daily changes as I walk the short way from my front door to the soon to be rich soil. I’ve appreciated the primrose that has mysteriously appeared next to the peony. The russian sage is mostly clear of weeds. The peony is large enough to be separated and spread. I never get tired of noticing. My five-minute task of walking back and forth often offers an invitation to wonder.  


Each year I introduce a few new plants, looking for variety, color, and texture. As much as I enjoy the comfort of familiarity I tend to gravitate toward change. Similar to the seasons, I find myself renewed with the shift of the earth’s angle. The light changes, along with temperatures and as a result the landscape is altered. I generally resist doing the same thing over and over, yet, routinely I walk the short path to the compost pile.


Noticing, with curiosity, reveals nature’s beauty and bounty. There are even days when I am able to bring my curiosity, noticing and wonder beyond the short garden path. Witnessing the way a bud slowly unfurls as it enters the world whispers courage. Creativity giggles and ripples from my heart from the way the yarrow and salvia contrast and complement each other. There are days I radiate for hours as I carry the vision of a rosebud softly surrounded by morning mist. I absolutely cherish when I remember to notice, wonder and inquire about and within me. 







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